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Jahrelange harte und hingebungsvolle Arbeit hat sich ausgezahlt: wir sind stolz darauf verkünden zu können, dass wir als Gewinner des hochbegehrten TMT-Preises für die beste 3D-Technologie (Europa) ausgewählt wurden.

It was our intention to tell two stories surrounding the same event and, using dual projection paired with Infitec’s dichroic filter technology(Dual View), project both of them on the same screen at the same time. The audience will all hear the same thing, but, depending on which color glasses they are wearing, they will only be viewing one of the stories at one time. Technology always expands our storytelling horizons, and it is our duty as filmmakers and 3D pioneers to employ whatever the current times provide us in order to break those cinematic boundaries, and move toward a deeper truth. It is our goal that SHADES and the innovation of the Dual Perspective Experience, be a way to get people to interact and get involved while viewing. In a world where the consumption of media is becoming portable and individualized, we are trying to bring the thrill of the cinema-going experience back to life.

See it on May 3rd at SECCA, 750 Marguerite Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27107 (7:00pm, Free Admission)

(Written & Directed by Dri Sommer starring Sydney Endicott and Michael Labbadia)