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Collaboration with Moving Rhizomes on Before I Die project, Ulm


“What inspires you?” is a question that many businesses get asked on a daily basis. For us it’s providing the best 3D technology to our customers and giving back to the community. As a company, we are constantly making decisions that shape the future of our employees and our society. At INFITEC GmbH and Vision Optics GmbH, we believe that even small companies can make a difference in society. Something as small as caring can change the outlook of the future. So we partnered with Moving Rhizomes, Ulm to create awareness and extend a helping hand to people who are suffering from the refugee crisis and create a better living future.

The show consists of multidisciplinary art performance by Moving Rhizomes group with projection mapping and holographic display. The show spans from 21st to 23rd of July in Stadthaus Ulm.

Vision Optics GmbH

Vision Optics GmbH is a company specialized in developing, manufacturing  and marketing of high technology standard and customized holographic screens. Initially formed as Holoprint GmbH in 1998, Vision Optics started production of holographic optical screens in early 2000’s with focus on conferences, museums and broadcasting. The optical screens are produced by patented technology.

Visit www.visionoptics.de to know more

Moving Rhizomes

As a diverse group of artists, dancers and designers we join forces to create multidisciplinary performances and installations. Our mission is not only to express creative ideas and concepts, but also to make small improvements in our ecosystem, initiating social change making. The starting point for our projects normally comes from a need to share and collaborate with others in our common environment. In BEFORE I DIE we chose VISION OPTICS and INFITEC for building the best visual experience.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” (Helen Keller)

Visit www.movingrhizomes.com to know more