Partner for 3D technology

Infitec is your trusted and professional partner for any 3D technology application. From the first idea, planning with conception to implementation and installation, we also provide assistance on longer and complex projection phases. We ensure that all processes are optimised by working closely with our customers, gladly sharing our extensive experience and know-how.

Our technology is popular across industries because we invest in sustainability and deliver durable, robust and highly reliable glasses, whose modular construction allows for extremely long maintenance cycles. If the product is damaged, we supply spare parts for a cost-effective and quick repair. And so that glasses do not unintentionally leave their place of use, each pair features an acoustomagnetic anti-theft protection system.

We shall gladly advise you on the implementation of your 3D projection. Get in touch with us!


Convincing effect: Infitec plays a major role in the medical field, especially in training. Thanks to state-of-the-art 3D technology, users can broadcast live directly from operating theatres to lecture halls or at conferences, allowing students or specialists to experience a realistic – yet remote – approach to operations. Users may also record transmissions for later 3D viewing and analysis.

Driving simulator

Especially in Formula 1, Infitec's 3D technology supports consistent training under fast, real-time conditions. Since professional racers usually only spend short stints on the track, training on professional driving simulators is paramount. Thus, the top racing teams in Formula 1 have been using Infitec's projection technology for some time and are looked after by our team.


Nowadays, completely new worlds of experience open up to museum visitors through state-of-the-art 3D technology. Places that are otherwise inaccessible to the public can suddenly be experienced in the museum – as scientific content translated into visual language. For example, visitors virtually find themselves down in a mine or in the heart of a nuclear power plant, freely exploring the entire environment without leaving the museum.

Infitec's 3D technology proves ideal for traveling exhibitions or when several museums cooperate, as it can be flexibly adapted to local conditions. Needless to  say, "virtual" exhibits are also much easier to transport.

Infitec is a national and international partner for the realisation of modern equipment concepts and supplies the high-quality VR glasses for fixed installations.


Reach for the stars: in modern planetariums, visitors experience fascinating 3D shows and immerse themselves in the endless expanses of the universe

Infitec supplies universal 3D technology for planetariums of all sizes and provides comprehensive advice on how existing installations can be used and integrated into a new concept. The only prerequisite for the planetarium is an existing dome with 3D projection. The dome need not feature any special coating.

Amusement parks

Award-winning attractions: with Infitec's 3D technology, we make a decisive contribution to the popularity and fame of renowned amusement parks all over the world.
We supply individually designed glasses for individual rides and attractions, which have won numerous awards.

In this context, it is not only know-how but also quality that plays a decisive role:
depending on the place of use and handling, our glasses have been in reliable use for over 10 years and endured over 4000 usage cycles.


The classic: 3D cinema worlds are where Infitec's technology is used most frequently.
 The modern, robust glasses, which are specially developed for cinemas, are suitable for highly efficient laser -6P projections and thus offer a top-class, realistic experience.

Further to Infitec's proven quality, cinema operators also rely on a high degree of flexibility for special design requests and on the reliable supply of replacement glasses or inexpensive spare parts for damaged glasses.