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Primor 3D

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Pure Invention


3/4 Channel Experience

INFITEC® is a passive 3D technology for large screen projection applications. It is based on separating light into Left and Right eye information by separating colours in order to create an illusion of image depth and 3D by using Wavelength Mulitplex Imaging Technology. Compared to competing technologies, INFITEC® offers superior channel separation, compatibility with any screen and projection surface.


Galerum 3D

You’ve seen 3D cinema and now 3D is knocking on the door of your home. What kind of 3D solution should you use to see that new 3D movie in perfect quality? The answer is Infitec® Galerum 3D. Galerum 3D comes from the world of cinema and knows 3D inside out. Galerum 3D solutions are available for Sony VPL VW 40, 50 series of projectors.

Apex 3D

Infitec®3D makes a simple extension to the small projectors by adding a 3D lens cap to lenses. Infitec’s unique “3/4 Channel Experience” provides life-like vibrant colors, unprecedented image fidelity for the brightest 3D immersive user experience.

Specially Designed for JVC

Infitec® Apex 3D solutions are available for JVC-DLA Series projectors. Apex 3D solutions are developed in our world-renowned research lab to face the challenges in 3D home cinema market: limited space and a budget constraint. This solution was a stepping stone and foundation to the other home cinema solutions.

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Primor 3D Development Kit

Primor 3D is the most personal and versatile product INFITEC® has ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be used for multiple projector brands. Primor 3D provides premium visuals that set your cinema apart from the competition and an amazing home theatre experience. Primor 3D has been designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about the solution not working for new releases of projector models as it will be compatible* with majority of them. Primor 3D is currently available for following brands: Panasonic, Epson, Acer, InFocus, Optoma, Benq.

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Simplex II Glasses

27 x 46 mm

Curved Lenses

38 g

Available in Vibrant Colors:

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Plus Glasses

Optional Anti-Theft Technology (includes AM-TAG), Foldable legs

28.5 X 45.5 mm

Curved Lenses

49 g

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HDMI Converter MINI

Specifically designed Passive 3D Processor with 10 bits high end scaler and Perfect Sync 3D RH/LH synchronization algorithm
• Input: 1 x DVI-I (support VGA/DVI/HDMI), up to 2048 x 1080
• Output: 2 x DVI-D (support DVI/HDMI), up to 2048 x 1080
• Audio: In: HDMI, PC Jack, Out: HDMI, Analog PC Jack
• Size: 303 x 157 x 36 mm

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Our Commitment

Quality. Design. Fair Price. Always.


what this means for you

INFITEC Premium Dealers have extensive knowledge of our products, and they work with you face to face to provide technical support and troubleshoot hardware problems. For service, get help even faster by phone.

Heimkino Klohs

Engerstr. 8 HH
04177 Leipzig
Telephone: +493419405077
E-Mail: info@heimkinoKlohs.de
Website: www.heimkinoKlohs.de

Audio Visions

Burkhardsfelder Str. 1
35447 Reiskirchen
Telephone: +4964086029405
E-Mail: info@audio-visions.net
Website: http://www.audio-visions.de


Feidikstrasse 93
59065 Hamm
Telephone: +492381933911
E-Mail: sebastian.schwarte@auditorium.de
Website: www.auditorium.de


Grafenstr. 29
64283 Darmstadt
Telephone: +490615117100
E-Mail: s.bresser@hifi-profis.de
Website: www.hifi-profis.de/niederlassungen/filiale-darmstadt


Astallerstraße 6
80339 München
Telephone: +491609783 8013
E-Mail: markus.zimmer@twinaudio.de
Website: http://www.twinaudio.de/

Bieger Bild und Ton

Aulgasse 8
65399 Kiedrich
Telephone: +4961239348700
E-Mail: info@bieger-bildundton.de
Website: www.bieger-bildundton.de


Alter Hof 4
23847 Kastorf
Telephone: +494501828445
E-Mail: info@ccr-highend.de
Website: www.ccr-highend.de

GROBI – die Grossbildspezialisten D. + P. Schappert GbR

Matthias-Claudius-Str. 13a
41564 Kaarst bei Düsseldorf
Telephone: +492131769412
E-Mail: info@grobi.tv
Website: http://www.grobi.tv


Saarbrücker Straße 1-3
66386 St. Ingbert
Telephone: +496894921810
E-Mail: info@heimkino.com
Website: http://www.heimkino.com

Medientechnik Hansen GmbH

Havelstraße 161
24539 Neumünster
Telephone: +4943219657075
E-Mail: hamburg@heimkino-fachhandel.de
Website: www.beamer-heimkino-hamburg.de

D.I.S.C. GmbH

Löwensteiner Ring 45
55286 Wörrstadt
Telephone: +4967328510
E-Mail: Infitec-Vertrieb@discgmbh.de
Website: www.3-D-Projektion.de

HiFi Forum GmbH

Breslauer Str. 29
91083 Baiersdorf
Telephone: +499133606290
E-Mail: einkauf@hififorum.de
Website: http://www.hififorum.de

Art & Voice Medien GmbH

Davenstedter Strasse 111
30453 Hannover
Telephone: +490511441046
E-Mail: info@artundvoice.de
Website: http://www.artundvoice.de/

MS-Technik e.K.

Clara-Viebig-Strasse 38
52152 Simmerath-Lammersdorf
Telephone: +4924739271732
E-Mail: info@cinemike.de
Website: http://www.cinemike.de

Heimkinopartner Stuttgart/Ulm

Ulmer Str. 19
73066 Uhingen
Telephone: +4971613543990
E-Mail: alexander.ried@heimkinopartnerstuttgart.de
Website: www.heimkinopartnerstuttgart.de

HiFi Liebl

Anzenbichelstr. 66
93354 Siegenburg
Telephone: +499444981782
E-Mail: info@hifi-liebl.de
Website: www.hifi-liebl.de


Am Taubhaus 29
63303 Dreieich
Telephone: +496103697784
E-Mail: info@medianet-home.de
Website: http://www.voicepoint.de


Stuttgarter Str.26
90574 Roßtal
Telephone: +4991279540341
E-Mail: info@issko.de
Website: http://www.issko.de

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briefcase: +49 7323 50 3000
email: info(at)infitec(dot)net

Russia Office

home: OOO Infitec Ugreschskaja ul., dom N2,stroenie11
briefcase: +7 495 721 6460
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home: 5401 South Kirkman Rd.
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