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Research and Development

Category: Applications

As the field of engineering has been evolving with new technological innovations, there is a need to deliver high end performance in order to maximize the quality of learning. In recent researches it has been found that level of engagement is high during a 3D video work thus delivering powerful results. At INFITEC we take the issue very seriously and have developed simple yet high quality 3D visualization systems.
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Powerful Solutions

INFITEC® 3D Technology is used by architects and engineers who share a common mission to deliver better projects.

Information Modelling Environment

INFITEC® creates the best visual 3D Information Modelling Environment to be used in the field of architecture, engineering, construction and operation of all infrastructure types inculding utility systems.

Immersive Interaction

Infitec® 3D provides the immersive interaction to produce life like visuals and compelling animations in order to ensure users can work seamlessly with the entire project team.