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Experience the 6P3D technology






3/4 Channel Experience


INFITEC® is a passive 3D technology for large screen projection applications. It is based on separating light into Left and Right eye information by separating colours in order to create an illusion of image depth and 3D by using Wavelength Multiplex Imaging Technology. Compared to competing technologies, INFITEC® offers superior channel separation , compatibility with any screen and projection surface.

HDMI Splitter 1.4

Specifically designed 3D converter which splits HDMI 1.4 3D signals into two separate channels for left and right eye.

• HDMI 1.4 , 3D to 2D conversion

• Left and right passive output

• Auto detect and decode of 2D/3D of BD/DVD

•  Item #  100701092

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Simplex II Glasses

Large Venues

27 x 46 mm

Curved Lenses

38 g

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Space Glasses

High Immersive Systems

60 X 45 mm

Curved Lenses

68 g

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Plus Glasses

Events, Theme Parks

28.5 X 45.5 mm

Curved Lenses

49 g

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Shigeru Miyamoto

"3D is really the most normal thing because it's how those of us with two eyes usually see the world"


From Few to Many - INFITEC® Performs

What does value mean to you? We think it’s the fine balance between quality, performance, support and cost. INFITEC® 3D offers you unsurpassed value with energy saving features, low maintenance costs, numerous standard features and best warranty and support in the industry. The INFITEC®  System allows projection on any standard projection surface, flat or curved, providing an exclusive solution for any event.

Our Services

INFITEC® GmbH has been a synonym name with the Large Venue Display area for quite a long time. INFITEC® 3D visualization system ability to demonstrate an unusual and impressive display has been admired and appreciated at various A/V shows. From winning to Best 3D display at INFOCOMM to Best of 2012 at Industry Awards, INFITEC® has kept its edge and mark at the 3D Solutions for various applications.

Support and Service

We care about our customers. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We stand behind our products with our two year warranty and service programs.

Environmental Responsibility

At INFITEC® we recognize our responsibility to control the impact of our business on the environment. We take pride in offering eco-friendly features in our products that are not only good for environment but also translate to a lower total cost of ownership for our customers.

German Engineering

All INFITEC® products are backed by industry leading warranties and our renowned service. We ensure you have all the training and technical support you need.

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